Tips for Finding Reputable Litigation Solicitors


Many people are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing commercial litigation solicitors but with a little bit of time and effort you can find a suitable professional for legal advice. You have several things to consider before you hire a solicitor and taking the time to do some research up front can save you time, money and aggravation later on.

Obtaining Quotes

Make sure you obtain written estimates from at least three solicitors. You should be aware that there are likely to be additional disbursements and costs in addition to the fixed price. Your solicitor should agree to disclose all itemized costs allowing you stay within your set budget.


Commercial litigation is a complex field that requires experience. The solicitor you hire should be familiar with all aspects of the law and have the knowledge to handle any legal situation. A solicitor who focuses on this area of the law will be best equipped to handle your case.


Never make a decision based on price alone. A solicitor with more experience will cost more but will have the resources and skills to serve you better. Hiring an inexpensive solicitor just to save money up front can end up costing you more in the future.

Multiple References

Ask the solicitor for references because speaking to former clients can give you a good idea of the professional’s abilities. Make sure you ask if the client was happy with the services and if the solicitor was able to work within the client’s original budget without adding unexpected fees.

Convenient Location

You want to make sure your solicitor is in a convenient location close to your home or workplace. You may be able to conduct some of your business by telephone or online but you will still need to speak to your solicitor in person from time to time, so make sure this is possible. Another advantage to hiring a solicitor in your immediate area is the knowledge that professional will have about doing business in that geographic location and there is no substitute for that.

Outstanding Service

You deserve outstanding service from the solicitor you hire. Your solicitor and the team of legal professionals working with you should be willing to answer all your questions. Make sure you verify that the solicitor has the resources necessary to handle your business. Always speak to the individual who is in charge of your transactions to make sure you have a good rapport with that individual.

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