Things to Tell Your Car Accident Lawyer

Our ability to recover from certain situations depends on the kind of attorney we have. For car accidents, it’s important to know a professional who can look at your situation and show you the best way to get the compensation that you are owed.

However, work is needed on your end, as well, as the lawyer’s ability to figure these things out depends on how much information you’re able to provide. Whether it relates to the accident or events and conditions that occured before it took place, leaving certain details out can affect your chances of winning a case.

Here are things that you should tell your car accident lawyer so that you can recover both physically and financially.


Certain injuries are easier to prove than others. When it comes to car accidents, you’ll have a tougher time showing the cuts, bruises and internal injuries that came from another person driving recklessly and hitting your car. You could be right about the source of these injuries, but having nothing to show for it won’t help the court believe that the car accident caused them. It is also important to tell your attorney if you had any preexisting injuries, as you will be financially responsible for any that took place before the accident. This will diminish your chances of getting a high settlement.

Be sure to have photo and video evidence of the accident to show your potential car accident lawyer in Toronto. Document the injuries you sustain as soon as possible. Not having evidence of where you got a broken bone from, for instance, could lead the court to believe your injury resulted from a prior situation. You should also share the condition that you’ve been in following the accident, such as how these new injuries have made the simplest of tasks difficult to accomplish. The attorney can share these struggles with the court to get them to lean your way.


Photo evidence of the damage done to your car also helps prove your innocence, even that captured by bystanders. Your attorney might find extra compensation that is owed to you that you may not know about. In addition to showing what exactly resulted from the car accident, you’ll need to share other documentation to your lawyer so that you have a better understanding of your case. This includes your insurance data, as it will determine whether you can be compensated from the particular accident that took place. Showing that you called 911 and took other responsible measures can convince your attorney that you were in the right.

It might be helpful to share what you were doing before the crash and where you were going to prove your recollection. Having this information written down will ensure that you don’t explain it differently in one instance than you did in another, which could make it look like you’re lying. It also helps to have documentation from the other parties involved in the accident, such as their driver’s license, medical bills, and insurance, as you can’t always rely on a gentlemen’s agreement to settle issues. The other person may be honest, but they could be unaware of the actual status of their insurance.

Criminal History

Having a criminal history can have a damaging effect on your future in certain ways, one of which being your chances of winning a case where you were in the right. If you were convicted of certain crimes in the past, then you’ll need to share them with your attorney right away. The later this information is discovered, the worse it’s going to make you look, especially if it is discovered by the opposing party’s attorney or someone else. This could affect your chances of your lawyer wanting to defend you in the future, as well.

If you have the right lawyer, they can determine how to convince the court that your past mistakes shouldn’t affect what you are owed when you are the victim of a car accident. Your attorney can come up with counter arguments to the opposing lawyer or judge who questions your innocence in the situation based on a crime you committed years ago. There will be a better chance of this not being an issue if your previous felonies weren’t auto-related, such as drunk-driving or speeding. It also helps to tell your lawyer what you’ve done to make up for your previous crimes, and this can be used in court to show your responsibility in past situations and in the recent car accident.

Share this information with your car accident lawyer right away so that you get what you’re owed and you continue to have a good relationship with your attorney.