Some Thoughts on Litigation Solicitors in London

Litigation Solicitors in London

There are very often many financial and social costs when filing and pursuing a lawsuit, even with the impartial and robust judicial system that the UK features. And unfortunately, the parties involved in these criminal or civil lawsuits can be negatively affected in the following ways:

Social Burden

The Center for Policy Studies has published research that has found that litigation is fostering adoption of defensive practices, encouraging adoption of repressive bureaucracy, stifling innovation and eroding professional autonomy. As an example, doctors in the UK avoid procedure performances deemed too groundbreaking or too risky for the fear of their facing suit should they end up failing in the efforts. And the litigious culture which is growing has, across the British society, eroded much trust and has warped that which is acceptable as normal behavior.

Financial Challenges

UK litigation can be very costly, according to a Ministry of Justice comprehensive review that was released, with costs in some legal areas extremely disproportionate. As a result, in the UK unresolved legal issues affect 36% of the adults primarily in the area of small debt claims which through the courts would cost even more to resolve. Even unsatisfactory are the before-the-event(BTE) insurance, after-the-event(ATE) insurance and the so-called conditional fee agreements(CFAs) according to the Ministry of Justice because of the disproportionate costs they can impose on the defendants. And 100% litigation expense reimbursement is not guaranteed by the practice of “cost shifting”, because there are practical and legal limitations to the money amount that the winning party will be able to recover from the party that loses. For these and for other reasons, it is certainly a wise decision to look into other ways of resolving any potentially litigious issues to be dealt with.

The Future Of Litigation

The good news is that out-of-court settlements have been reached by many litigants in recent times with the NHS reporting how between April 2001 and March 2011, 45% of 63,804 lawsuits filed were settled out of court. In addition to that, abandoned by claimants were another 38% of claims.

In Conclusion

One has the right to pursue legal redress in the courts when they are harmed/wronged by an organization or an individual. But keep in mind that doing so can be costly both socially and financially. The good news is that you can pursue an amicable and acceptable solution out of court with the assistance of litigation solicitors in London. To learn more about settlements out-of-court, contact StrainKeville today and get the information you need.