Finding the Right Commercial Litigation Attorney

This type of litigation deals with the legal issues surrounding business and the processes of business. It can be a way of dealing with contract disputes, hiring and firing procedures, patent disputes, and other legal issues like those. Anyone who is running a business may find themselves in need of hiring an experienced and qualified attorney for advice on how to proceed legally on certain issues. They might even need representation in court. The following is a guide with some tips on selecting the right commercial litigation attorney for your situation:

Probe Your Business Network

Most businesses are part of a network. They have associates and fellow entrepreneurs who are willing to share information. They are an excellent source for finding a ‘winning’ litigator for specific situations. This is by far a much better way to go than simply googling lawyers on the Internet. They can give you the names of attorneys who they have already found to be qualified, highly skilled, and successful. When you use the Internet to locate one you only have limited knowledge of their qualifications. Reviews on websites are not all that trustworthy. It’s better to trust people you know.

Legal Fees

You want to find a solicitor who will put down your legal fees in writing. The cost of legal fees will vary from one solicitor to the next. They base their fees on the facts of the case and how tough it will be to mount a successful case. They estimate the time involved, information gathering, cost of litigation, and more. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a litigator who will take you on for a no win/no pay basis. This ensure that you will only pay if your case is won. It’s a guarantee that you won’t be swamped in legal fees on a case that you lose.


You also need an attorney who is accredited. Their accreditation must come from a reputable body. Accreditation indicates that the attorney involved has the necessary expertise in whatever legal niche your case falls under. Accreditation is a vigorous undertaking and is proof that you’re dealing with a qualified attorney. Keep an eye open for attorneys who have accreditation from the Law Society or from the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

Rate of Success

Many times the outcome of commercial litigation is the difference between businesses being able to continue with their operations or having to shut down. That’s why it is so crucial to locate the best litigator for your specific situation. Always find a lawyer with a high rate of success in cases like your own. You don’t want to lay out the cash for an experienced attorney who mostly works with cases in a different area of law. Ask the attorney you’re considering to show you cases that they’ve handled recently and see what their rate of success was.

Anytime you are involved in commercial litigation it is wise to take your choice of attorney very seriously. They are good negotiators and very knowledgeable about legal matters especially Strain Keville. They can make the difference in you continuing with your business or finding something else to do to make your living.