Everything You Want to Know About Same Day Visa


If you are planning to settle in the UK, you must apply for a visa and ILR or indefinite leave to remain. This is not the same as granting the right of abode in the United Kingdom though but if you are granted ILR, it means you can work, live and study in the UK for as long as you want or without restrictions.

Usually, it will take about 15 working days and can even get as long as 12 weeks before you can get your visa. However, if you will avail their same day visa feature, which is also known as premium visa appointment, you can be approved in just the same day you applied for it, thus the term same day.

What are the benefits of same day visa service?

  • They will do all the work thus there will be no need for you to be burdened with the booking.
  • If you are in a haste to be approved, this is the best service you can take as there will be no need for you to wait. As mentioned, same day service means you will get approved on the same day you applied for it.
  • There will be no need to skip work or to sacrifice other appointments as the agency you are talking to will do everything. Communications and some needed documents will be done through emails or other online methods.
  • Only qualified OISC will be handling your application. They will ensure that everything will be completed on schedule.
  • A legal representative will be there to guide you when you submit the case at the home office.
  • You need not be burdened that you are without a passport as you will get it back in the same day.

With the advancement of technology, everything can be expedited. And the good thing about this is you won’t even be bothered by the process. Thus if there are other matters you are scheduled to attend, you can just get on with them while your visa and ILR are also being processed.

Yes, same day visa is really quite timely in our times today where every minute matters. In fact, if only you can divide yourself into two so that all the needed tasks will be done, for sure you will do so. Same day visa will almost make that possible, though.

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